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We can convert your tree surveys into fully drawn up plans.

Using a specialist piece of software designed for tree surveys, AxciScape (developed by Chris Skellern).  This allows us to plot a wide range of tree attributes including uneven crown spread, BS retention categories and Root Protection Area.


All we need from you is a site plan (this will normally be your client’s topographical survey, as a CAD file e.g. DWG, DXF), your tree survey schedule, and some indication of which tree is which e.g. a numbered paper plan, scan, marked up PDF.

We will then produce a basic Tree Constraints Plan that would look something like this:

Example Tree

From this we can then produce your:

  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment Plan
  • Tree Protection Plan
  • Proposed Planting Plan

We will also produce a key that can be placed onto the drawing, with all of your contact details, and details of how to read the plan. Here’s an example:

Example Key

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How We Charge

What we will require from you

We are CAD EXPERTS so using us can be really time efficient, releasing YOU for what YOU ARE BEST AT!  This makes us EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE.

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